How to temporarily fix a broken window?

Quick and Effective Solutions for a Broken Window

Dealing with a broken window can be stressful, but there are temporary fixes to secure your home and prevent further damage. Before you start, ensure safety by wearing gloves and protective eyewear. Here are steps to temporarily fix a broken window, buying you time before professional repair.

1. Clear the Area

  • Remove Broken Glass: Carefully collect and dispose of all shattered glass.
  • Clean the Frame: Wipe down the window frame to remove any debris or leftover glass.

2. Measure and Cut Plastic Sheeting

  • Find Durable Plastic: Use a heavy-duty plastic sheet or a clear garbage bag.
  • Cut to Size: Measure your window and cut the plastic at least 2 inches larger than the opening.

3. Seal the Window

  • Tape Edges: Secure the plastic sheeting to the window frame using strong tape like duct tape. Ensure an airtight seal to keep out weather and pests.

4. Insulate for Temperature Control

  • Weather Stripping: Apply weather stripping around the edges of the plastic to enhance insulation, keeping your home warm or cool.

When to Call Professionals

Temporary fixes are not a long-term solution. For a durable repair or window replacement, contact the experts at Argo Window Repair. Our team ensures your windows are restored efficiently and safely, enhancing your home's security and energy efficiency.

Every real estate owner from time to time faces a violation of the integrity of windows.

For example, children in the yard can play football and accidentally break the glass, or unexpected weather changes may occur that distort the structure and cause the windows to become unusable. It is not always important to change the double-glazed windows on the day of their damage, as it may simply not be possible to do this. There are several ways to temporarily restore the basic functions of a damaged window - preservation of the indoor microclimate, as well as protection against insects.