How do you tape a cracked window?

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A cracked window pane not only affects your home's aesthetic but can also lead to energy loss and reduced security. While a permanent repair from a professional is always recommended, taping the crack can serve as a quick, temporary fix. Here’s how to properly tape a cracked window to ensure safety and minimize damage until professional repair can be done.

Step-by-Step Guide to Taping a Cracked Window

  1. Clean the Glass: Ensure the glass around the crack is clean and dry. Use a lint-free cloth and a window cleaner to remove any dirt or debris.

  2. Choose the Right Tape: For best results, use a strong, clear tape designed for glass or window repair. Clear packing tape can also be a good temporary solution.

  3. Apply the Tape: Cut a piece of tape longer than the crack itself. Carefully place the tape over the crack, pressing firmly along its length to ensure good adhesion without creating air bubbles. If the crack is large, apply multiple strips of tape, slightly overlapping each for better coverage.

  4. Seal Both Sides: If possible, apply tape to both sides of the crack to more effectively seal it and prevent air and moisture from entering.

  5. Monitor the Crack: Keep an eye on the taped crack for any signs of widening or further damage. Remember, this is a temporary solution, and the window should be professionally assessed as soon as possible.

Seeking Professional Help

Taping a cracked window can provide a short-term solution to prevent immediate damage and maintain some level of insulation. However, it's crucial to contact a window repair professional to evaluate the damage and perform a permanent fix.

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Even the best quality windows from famous manufacturers are not insured against mechanical damage.

This component of real estate is one of the most vulnerable. A considerable number of events can occur that can lead to cracking of a glass unit. This circumstance leads to the adoption of appropriate decisions to temporarily restore the tightness of the window and be able to use it. In the future, in any case, you will have to contact a specialized company, since this is the only way to restore the window unit to its original state and continue operation in normal mode. Practice shows that every year there is an increasing number of special tools for such repairs.