How do you temporarily fix a broken window?

Argo Window Repair: Bridging the Gap to Permanent Solutions

A broken window can disrupt your home’s safety, security, and energy efficiency. While a professional repair is the best course of action, there are temporary measures you can take to mitigate the issue until help arrives. Here’s how to secure your window and keep your home protected in the interim.

Quick and Effective Temporary Fixes

  1. Safety First: Wear gloves and safety glasses to remove any loose glass pieces carefully. Ensure to clear the area around the window to prevent injuries.

  2. Cover the Opening: Use a heavy-duty plastic sheet or a trash bag to cover the broken pane. Secure the plastic in place with strong tape, such as duct tape, making sure all edges are sealed against the frame to prevent air and water from entering.

  3. Seal Cracks with Tape: If the window is cracked but intact, apply clear packing tape directly over the cracks. Overlap the pieces slightly for better coverage. This will prevent the crack from spreading and offer some insulation.

  4. Use Plywood for Larger Breaks: For larger openings, a more sturdy fix like a plywood board can be nailed or screwed into the frame. This method provides better security and protection from the elements.

Remember, It’s Temporary

These steps can offer a quick fix, but they are not long-term solutions. A broken window can lead to higher energy bills, decreased home security, and potential safety hazards.

Contact Argo Window Repair for a Permanent Fix

For a lasting solution, reach out to Argo Window Repair. Our experts will assess the damage and provide you with efficient, high-quality window repair or replacement services. Don’t let a broken window compromise your comfort and safety. Contact us today for a professional assessment.

Windows are one of the most unprotected areas of any property, so sometimes they are deformed.

You can solve the problem of a broken window by resorting to the services of qualified specialists specializing in repair work. In this case, the window can be quickly restored to its original state. It so happens that there is no financial means or time to properly repair the window, so you have to take temporary measures. Practice shows that there are many ways to fix a broken window on their own, but this will only remove the need for the services of the masters, without getting rid of the problem for a long time.