Can a double pane window be resealed?

Can a Double Pane Window be Resealed?

Double pane windows, known for their insulation properties, occasionally face seal failure. But can they be resealed? Let's explore.

Signs of Seal Failure

  • Condensation between panes: Indicates moisture infiltration.
  • Visual distortions: Impaired view due to seal issues.

The Resealing Process

Resealing a double pane window is not only possible but often a cost-effective alternative to replacement. Here's how professionals at Argo Window Repair approach it:

  1. Inspection: Determining the extent of seal failure.
  2. Removal of Moisture: Using specialized techniques to remove trapped moisture.
  3. Sealant Application: High-grade sealants are applied to the perimeter, restoring the insulation integrity.

Benefits of Professional Resealing

  • Cost Savings: Resealing is significantly cheaper than window replacement.
  • Energy Efficiency Restored: Properly sealed windows maintain optimal thermal performance.
  • Extended Window Life: Enhance the longevity of your windows with expert resealing.


Double pane windows can indeed be resealed, restoring their functionality and efficiency. Argo Window Repair specializes in such services, ensuring your windows remain in peak condition. Contact us to discuss your window repair needs and secure a home that's comfortable year-round.

The windows of modern manufacturers can boast of a sufficiently long operational life, but it can be observed only in ideal conditions of operation of products. If you notice that the windows began to fog up, let the air through, then this is not a reason to think about replacing them. There may be a factory defect or failure of individual elements of the structure.