Can fogged windows be repaired?

Can Fogged Windows Be Repaired?

Fogged windows are a common issue, but did you know they can often be repaired? Here's how Argo Window Repair can help restore your windows' clarity and efficiency.

Understanding Fogged Windows

Fogging occurs when the seal on double or triple-glazed windows fails, allowing moisture to enter. This not only obscures your view but can also reduce your home's energy efficiency.

DIY Fixes

  • Ventilation: Improve airflow to reduce indoor humidity.
  • Dehumidifiers: Use dehumidifiers to lower moisture levels in your home.

Professional Repair Solutions

Argo Window Repair offers effective solutions for fogged windows:

  • Seal Repair: Restoring the window seal can often fix fogging issues.
  • Glass Replacement: In cases where repair isn't feasible, replacing the glass unit can be a cost-effective solution.

Prevention Tips

  • Regularly inspect window seals and frames.
  • Ensure proper indoor ventilation.


Don't let fogged windows cloud your view. Contact Argo Window Repair for professional assessment and repair solutions to clear up your windows and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Modern windows are striking in their durability and good quality, but in practice and with them there are problems.

Condensation or condensation is one of the most common problems related to windows from different manufacturers. Even products of famous brands are not without flaws, and sometimes even high-quality windows cause inconvenience due to violations of their installation technology.