How to carry out old window restoration

Guide to Old Window Restoration

Restore the charm and efficiency of your old windows with this step-by-step guide from Argo Window Repair. Whether you’re dealing with wear, tear, or just age, we have the expertise to bring your windows back to life.

Assessment and Preparation

  • Inspect: Examine your windows for damage. Look for rot, cracks, and functionality issues.
  • Clean: Remove dirt and debris from the frame and glass.

Repairing the Frame

  • Remove Decay: Carefully remove any rotted wood.
  • Fill Gaps: Use a wood filler or epoxy to repair holes and gaps.
  • Sand and Paint: Sand the frame smooth before applying a fresh coat of paint or varnish.

Glass and Sealant

  • Replace Glass: For cracked or broken panes, measure and replace the glass.
  • Reapply Caulk: Remove old caulking and apply new to seal gaps, improving insulation.

Hardware and Functionality

  • Lubricate Moving Parts: Ensure smooth operation with lubrication.
  • Replace or Repair Hardware: Update or repair locks, handles, and hinges as needed.

Professional Assistance For those projects that go beyond DIY, Argo Window Repair offers professional old window restoration services. Our team can handle complex repairs, ensuring your windows not only look great but also offer improved energy efficiency.

Get Started Today Don’t let the character of your old windows fade. Contact Argo Window Repair for expert restoration services. Preserve the past while embracing the benefits of modern window solutions.

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